Why Our Driving School?

Our mission is to put responsible, informed, confident drivers on the road. We believe that the best way to do so is to provide a solid foundation in all the basics in the most user-friendly environment possible. We do this every day for drivers from age 16 to 60. Whether you are about to get your first permit or are an experienced driver needing remedial driving help, we at North Quincy Auto Academy stand ready to assist you with friendly mentoring and professional coaching.

At NQAA: We make every class interesting and interactive; our students have a genuine understanding of the materials taught using slide shows and up-to-date videos.

Other Driving Schools: Simply read through the driver's manual page by page, word for word.

At NQAA: We give a total of 3 exams throughout the 30-hour class. This ensures that a student is "getting it" and allows us to track progress.

Other Driving Schools: Only administer the RMV required final exam.

At NQAA: We offer state of the art technology that allows our students to be able to set their own driving schedule and manage their account online through our website at their own convenience.

Other Driving Schools: Only allow you to make schedule changes during hours of operation.

At NQAA: After your deposit of $300 is received, to fit your budget, you can pay as much or little as you would like but we do require you to finish your payment before scheduling driving hours.

Other Driving Schools: Have complicated payment schedules that do not allow for flexibility.

At NQAA: We pay for the RMV certificate as part of the tuition.

Other Driving Schools: Tack on an additional fee for this certificate as a way to make more money after a student signs up.

At NQAA: We have the prime location directly across from North Quincy High School and next to the North Quincy Station on the MBTA Red Line. We even offer FREE pickup and drop off for behind-the-wheel lessons (Milton and Quincy Area Only). Just keep in mind the time for us to pick you up/drop off will come out of the driving hour.

Other Driving Schools: Make you wait at their location after making the hike to get there.

At NQAA: We give students the RMV driving manual to keep! This allows students to highlight and study whenever needed, even after completing the course (this may seem small, but we do have to pay the RMV for these).

Other Driving Schools: Do not allow students to keep the RMV driving manual or take notes in it.

At NQAA: Our brand new spacious classroom is comfortable for everyone; parents and students have a comfortable learning environment.

Other Driving Schools: Small-sized classrooms in need of major makeovers and require the use of small desks with attached seats to save room.