North Quincy Auto Academy FAQ

General Information

How long do I have to complete everything in the Driver's Ed program?

If I lost, misplaced, laminated, ripped or have a run down Permit, how do I obtain another Permit?

What are the Fees that need to be paid DIRECTLY to the RMV?

How do I access my Driver's Ed certificate?

I lost my certificate of completion, can I get another or do you have a copy?

What is your refund policy?

Behind-the-Wheel Driving

What do I need to bring on the day of my first driving lesson?

What happens if I need to cancel a behind-the-wheel lesson?

Can I complete behind-the-wheel lessons at NQAA if I took the classroom portion somewhere else?


What if I missed a classroom session?

Do I need a Permit to start the classroom portion of Driver's Ed?

Road Test

How do I register for a Road Test with NQAA?

What are the cancellation fees?

Parent Classes

How often do we hold parent classes?

Do both parents have to attend?

Can I attend the parent class if my child went to another driving school?